Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Classes


NRA based CPL class. Our class meets all the requirements for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. All classes are 8 hours in duration and are held 8am-4pm.


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The instructors at Rammtac are retired military, with law enforcement backgrounds, and are certified by the NRA. CPL classes start out with lecture and study of the basic safety and handling of firearms, working components of handguns and ammunition and move into cover and concealment, holsters, immediate action drills, awareness and decision making. The second session of the classroom portion is all about the CPL laws and use of deadly force. Students are required to pass an exam that covers these topics. The third session is the range portion where students will have to demonstrate safe gun handling and qualify on the range.

All classes are 8 hours in duration and are held 8am-4pm.

Rammtac provides all classroom material and all weapons and ammo.

NOTE: Students will need to bring a valid driver’s license or Michigan ID to class.