Law Enforcement

Our goal with our community law enforcement professionals is to provide a realistic and practical training environment for possible tactical situations you may encounter. Our staff has experience in many phases of law enforcement, K-9 Utilization, and tactical maneuvering which is the cornerstone of our commitment to supporting our law enforcement community by giving them excellent training opportunities.

In coordination with the department’s training staff, we will offer our facility, equipment, and any other services to facilitate your ability to gain more tactical training.

Facilities and Equipment

We are currently able to provide officers the opportunity to utilize Glock and Beretta handguns along with their M4 rifle to conduct training on our tactical course. We also have grappling dummies and training weapons to help make your training experience realistic.
We are utilizing the Ultimate Training Munitions so realistic training scenarios are possible. These rounds travel approximately 335 ft/sec which allows for the opportunity to conduct force on force training. We look forward to working with your departments and even individual police officers!

Ultimate Training Munitions

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) is an internationally known manufacturer of Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) which has been utilized for many years by the military, law enforcement, and private training organizations. This NLTA is a training munition that travels approximately 335 feet per second for pistols and 375 feet per second for M16 ammunition.

It is reliable, provides realistic training opportunities, and gives the public an opportunity to train in situations under “live fire” conditions. This type of training ammunition allows the average gun owner the opportunity to advance their weapon handing skills and abilities. More information about UTM is available at