What would you do?

Most active shooter events are over in 10-15 minutes. Many ending before law enforcement can arrive. Is your staff prepared for this kind of event?

  • Over 200 Active Shooter Incidences Since 2000
  • More than 1,200 Injured
  • 47% Fatality Rate
  • 98.8% Done by Lone Shooter
  • 69% of Events Over Before Police Arrive
  • Main Targets: Businesses, Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Places of Worship, and Public Spaces
  • 16.4 Incidents Annually, 150% Increase Since 2007

Bystander Response can make the difference!

Active Shooter Training

Training packages starting at $2500.00 call for your free quote today 616-788-1509

RAMM-TAC trains your staff/students on what to do in the event of a shooting. All training done at your facility.

Build more confidence in your staff and community with ASR training. ASR training could be the difference between life or death during a mass shooting event

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ASR Training

Active shooter response (ASR) training for CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, BUSINESSES, AND PEOPLE OF ALL AGES. Take advantage of the knowledge and skills our veteran, certified Instructors can provide your organizations. Lock down and hide just isn’t enough, we need more. We need better options in the event we are faced with an armed aggressor in mass shooting event.

Training will consist of an introduction to the RAMM-TAC GROUP concept, PowerPoint presentation, statistics, modified weapons and tactics, and scenario based live exercises.

Individual and group/organization rates by appointment.

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The Well-Armed Teacher

Three-day Class
This class is for teachers, administrators and school staff. Provides both the mental and physical skills necessary to provide armed protection. Consists of both classroom and live scenario based training. This program covers areas from basic firearms safety, Concealed carry, mindset, state and federal law, the use of deadly force, to advanced tactical training and scenarios. It provides the most realistic training a person can receive with the use of our utm training weapons and force on force engagements.


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