The objective of our assessment approach is to evaluate your current security measures and general layout of the facility to identify any risks or vulnerabilities that could directly affect your operation and/or safety of employees at your facility. From this assessment, our staff will consider your current level of preparedness and existing safety measures to develop a listing of recommended countermeasures and mitigating actions that can be implemented based on relocation of existing resources or acquired.


Each evaluation and security assessment will be individually tailored for your specific business and your outcome goals.

Some of the basic elements included in our assessment

  • Conducting a thorough physical survey of the facilities
  • Performing individual interviews with the staff
  • Reviewing prior incidents/major events for this area
  • Evaluation of known current threats (internal/external)
  • Evaluation of criminal databases
  • Comparison of your facilities measures against proven crime prevention strategies

Vulnerability Report

Our team of security professions will evaluate your current security and personal safety measures along with observing possible deficiency areas. Through personal interaction with your staff, implementation of security audits, and an examination of your existing policies, we will develop a highly detailed vulnerability report that will be your road map to enhancing your company’s readiness to confront the security issues being seen in the industry today.

Safety and Security

Our philosophy concerning safety and security is centered on the belief that a delicate balance must be obtained to allow for personnel and property safety while still conducting a profitable business. Our evaluation and recommendations are based on years of personal security experience and current best practices.