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Our mission is simple; we strive to partner with our customers to provide them premier resources and the industry proven best solutions that will keep themselves and the organization safe in their day-to-day operations. We will be a resource for your training and preparation needs by providing common sense and reasonable venues to prepare you and your staff should a disaster or serious event occur.


Our staff is comprised of three members who have diverse backgrounds and bring special talents that maximize our ability to provide comprehensive services to you.

Ron Klumpp

United States Marine Corps veteran who specialized in security operations and functioned as a Scout/Sniper. He is an NRA certified instructor, FEMA emergency response trained leader, and has experience as a hospital emergency manager and safety officer. He also posses a broad background in construction and Life Safety codes. He is trained in advance weapon tactics, individual personal protection measures, and a certified instructor for active shooter response/protective measures.

Monte Malek

Monte Malek is a 24-year veteran retired from the United States Air Force Security Forces. His background includes law enforcement operations, physical security program, K-9 program, Presidential security detail, and anti-terrorism programs. He has served in two combat zones and is a Disabled Veteran. He is a registered nurse with emergency medicine training and an extensive background in quality programs like LEAN and Total Quality Management (TQM). His military travels have taken him to many countries and allowed him to work alongside security specialists from around the world.

Mike Klumpp

Mike Klumpp is a local businessman who served as a fire fighter/first responder. His business and entrepreneur skills are beneficial for evaluating program development. He is our technology expert who utilizes current day innovations such as the drone services. This advance technology adds a new dimension to conducting risk and vulnerability assessments for any industry. Mike is very active in his community and serves on several board of director positions for local organizations.

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